BebAmour, I adore you!

Before Quinn was born I was adamant on a few things and like most naive new Mums none of these actually happened. I wanted to carry Quinn on park walks, stay close and still enjoy the sights. I had bought (& had bought for me) numerous slings, wraps and carriers all of which were clumsy or I felt lacked support. I’m only tiny so for to me feel like I’m supporting my son without back ache is a big deal.

The BebAmour mutli way carrier is so easy to put on and it’s so comfortable. The padded waist strap means no cutting into your skin and the hip seat means baby is comfortable and secure. There are a number of ways this carrier can be worn depending on age of baby first and foremost and your preference. There is front inward, front outward, back pack & hip seat, perfect for when Mumma wants a cup of tea! Today we used Inward Carry because Quinn’s so little and it was quite windy out and like his mother he’s not a fan of any inconvenience! I love the shade cover too, it’s something so simple as a design that attracts me to a product; colour and extra pockets and zips for your phone if off on a stroll. Some carriers have been far too bulky for my liking. It’s great to feel Quinn is comfortable too, the hip seat is designed to support spinal development and sits at a 90 degree angle. BebAmour products are available on Amazon and be sure you check their Instagram out.

If you, like me, prefer a carrier be sure to follow the T.I.C.K.S

T Tight.

I In view at all times.

C Close enough to kiss.

K Keep chin off chest.

S Supported back.

Thanks for reading!


Published by themidlandsmummy

First time Mum to baby Quinn, documenting our days through social media. You can expect humorous, honest posts and opinion pieces amongst product reviews. Please message for any Ad/Collaboration pieces.

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