With 2019 around corner it’s inevitable I write a resolutions themed post. I’m not someone who has many, if any, addictions. However, saying that, 2018 has brought me my first child and with that a number of lessons and changes in myself I didn’t know were needed. For one my anxiety peaked becoming a parent, one thing I didn’t want to happen. Not ashamed to say I’ve cried countless times thinking he hates me. OK, maybe a little ashamed. Yet I’m constantly told how content Quinn is and that it’s because I’m so chill (no clue where they get that from). I don’t bring it around my child but I am still anxious more than I’d like to be. I am forever asking Mum friends ‘Is it normal if….’

Along with my curled in little. toes, my anxiety is one thing I don’t want my son to learn from me but at the same time if he does, to not be ashamed of it.

2019 I want to be in the moment, I want to spend more time outdoors, adventuring and seeing new sights. I want to take care of myself mentally and physically and stop over analysing so much. I want to keep a physical journal with physical photos. I spend more time than I’d like to admit on my phone (when Quinn’s sleeping) and I want more toys and activities for me and Quinn to do. I want to finally go to a Mum and Babies group and finally want to start eating healthier. It’s the biggest New Years resolution going but with weaning around the corner I want to ensure my diet resembles what I feed my boy. More veg, less choc – that type of thing. I’ve signed up to host a park walk in my local area through NCT so that’s two goals already in process. Here’s hoping I don’t wuss out, watch this space.


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