Your First Christmas – a letter to Quinn up

You are three months old. Your first Christmas is just days away and in all honestly you are blissfully unaware of all the festivities going on around you but you certainly love the lights, tinsel and the ladies cooing over you in your elf and Santa onesies (soz about that). We’ve both been so busy this last week, well more so me and dragging you along. Turns out everybody wants to see you when you have a child. Mummy would love nothing more than to sleep but family is important to me and your dad and we hope you grow up with same mentality. The dishes can wait, have fun.

Today we are seeing Nana in Leicester before we leave to see your Nanny in two days. Pre-you I would be packed by now, three outfits per day, five pairs of shoes and sack full of beauty. This year however I am nowhere near finished, or started. I’ve started trying to pack your things but then there’s a nappy to change or a tiny belly to feed. I’m not complaining, honestly. You have a Christmas Eve box ready with a lovely onesie designed and personalised just for you. We’ve taken you to see Santa and we’ve opened a few of the bigger presents to save Mummy and Daddy carrying them back. Turns out Santa doesn’t think about assembling and carrying large gifts so with the help of a few elves we’ve stored these away. Noises and patterns are this stages new Brangelina, you are crazy for colour. Because you’re still so young we, (Santa, your dad and I) have asked for presents that will be both necessary for your learning and fun. There will be a jungle gym play mat, sensory roller, teething and weaning bits and plenty of books. You’ve become so chatty this last week too, usually telling me off or laughing away at my awful singing. You’ve been lifting yourself up, though not quite sitting, and playing with your rattle. It’s an absolute delight watching the little cogs turn as you work out something new for the first time like ‘wow, I just did that?!’ I am 110% biased but you’re so clever, beautiful and such a sass pot. One year I hope to take you go Lapland just so I, sorry you can meet Santa at his house. I’ve always loved Christmas but it’s extra special now you’re here to celebrate it with.

Merry Christmas Quinn, love you now and forever

Mummy xx


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First time Mum to baby Quinn, documenting our days through social media. You can expect humorous, honest posts and opinion pieces amongst product reviews. Please message for any Ad/Collaboration pieces.

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