I’ll be there about 1-ish

For someone who thought she’d researched everything there was to know about becoming a new mum, I didn’t prepare for losing the ability to leave the house when I pleased. No milk, oh sure I’ll pop to the shop two minutes from the house. Making plans now I’m definitley an ‘ish’ person. Lunchish. Twoish. It could be before, on time or half hour late – that’s the thrill of it. But what does save me a lot of time is having a good, decent sized changing bag ready for the days adventures. Being able to actually leave when you and baby are ready rather than dashing back and forth for toys and nappies and oh dear me where’s the wipes. They’re all packed neatly away in my Lusso Babies bag. Including my own things, because nothing worse than fighting with your handbag and a pram while on the bus and running over Doris’ feet while your elbow is in Ben’s face. With extra zip compartments for your own cash, mobile phone, bank cards it’s so easy to keep all in one place. The bag includes inside pockets for bibs, insualted for your bottles hats, gloves or whatever you please which you can then unzip without rummaging inside, making those changes and feeds easier!

You have a changing mat INCLUDED too.

My changing bag essentials are:

  1. Plenty of Size 3 nappies
  2. Baby wipes
  3. Nappy bags
  4. Anti Bacterial gel
  5. Change of clothing x 2
  6. An extra jumper or cardigan
  7. Hat and gloves unless worn
  8. Books and toys (usually his rattle)
  9. Bibs and Muslins
  10. Bottles in insulate bags
  11. Tin of formula for longer trips
  12. Teething necklace/ring/toy

Plus, Lusso bags are waterproof (I unfortunately experienced this first hand yesterday!) with cushioned straps. They have an attachment for the stroller too if this is preferred. The black and gold is a perfect colour combination; stylish and comfortable. For £32.99 you can order your own through Amazon. I love mine, it means I get to leave on time. Ish.


Published by themidlandsmummy

First time Mum to baby Quinn, documenting our days through social media. You can expect humorous, honest posts and opinion pieces amongst product reviews. Please message for any Ad/Collaboration pieces.

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